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Level 16 | Sheep

maplestory 2 monsters
  Sheep | Level 16 EXP: 141 HP: 1415 [Show [...]

MapleStory 2 Leveling Guide for Level Up in MS2

The easiest way to level up quickly in MapleStory 2 is to do all of the quests that are available for your character. Most quests are extremely fast to [...]

Pocket Maplestory

Pocket MapleStory will be the next best game installment to the whole MapleStory series. Nexon finally made one of the right decision by devleoping a game that [...]

Maplestory 1 & 2 Throwing Stars

maplestory throwing stars
You can look at the list below to choose the best Maplestory 1 or 2 throwing stars that fit your character level and budget. I would advice to go with Tobi and [...]

Maplestory Backgrounds & Wallpapers

maplestory backgrounds
Here you can find the most beautiful and amazing maplestory backgrounds and wallpapers for your desktop or smartphone home screen. If you would like to submit [...]

Level 1 | Orange Mushroom

orange mushroom
  Orange Mushroom | Level 1 EXP: ? HP: 22 [Show [...]

Maplestory Mesos

maplestory mesos
I will show you guys the easiest and fastest way on how to get MapleStory Mesos! If you have already searched around, you should've already known that there [...]

Complete Training Guide LVL 1 – 250 (2018) GMS

maplestory training guide 1-250
I should put an introduction but had no idea of what to write, so I just skipped First, let me give you some tips, trivia and explanations to make it easier [...]

MapleStory Forum

maplestory forum
At MapleStory2Training website, we would like to help you guys with every single questions that you might have so we have made a special dedicated place called [...]


Today we will be talking all about MS2 and where the name is coming from. I hope you did not by chance mistake this word with Microsoft or Ms. and visit here [...]

Maplestory Classes

ms classes
Maplestory has a lot of different classes and jobs over the last few years ever since it was released. In each updates, there are ussally atleast 1 or [...]

Maplestory 2 Download

maplestory 2 download
You can download Maplestory 2 at Maplestory 2 Download from Nexon web server. Anyways, please notice that this is the Korean MS2 version. If you are really [...]

What is Maplestory Private Server

Maplestory private server
Maplestory Private Server are none official Nexon servers. They are special servers hosted by random fan but they act the same way like a regular game server. [...]