Complete Training Guide LVL 1 – 250 (2018) GMS

I should put an introduction but had no idea of what to write, so I just skipped

First, let me give you some tips, trivia and explanations to make it easier and then, where to train and grind. So here is the list that you want to read before starting your training quest. However, if you’re playing in Reboot Server, go here for the Reboot Training Guide

MapleStory Full Training Guide 1 – 250 Complete GMS (2018)

 ms2logoThings That Makes You Level Up Faster                                                           

  • Mercedes’ link skill gives +20% exp at rank 3.
  • Zero’s character card gives +10% exp at SS rank.
  • Once a day, you can get a 2x coupon from Star Planet (1x 1h, 2x 30 mins or 4x 15 mins)
  • There are 2x events on most of weekends.
  • Bishop’s/Phantom’s HS.
  • Kanna’s kishin.
  • Beast tamer’s cat mode (over 115).
  • You can get a 24hr 2x coupon from Maple Reward Points by killing bosses daily aswell. (50 Points for each boss, claim your reward after each boss run from the “pink gift box” on the left hand side.

 ms2logoThings About EXP                                                                                                

  • Exp % is added and not multiplied (So, if you use a 2x (normal exp +100% exp) coupon during 2 (normal exp +100% exp), you will have 3x, not 4x)
  • Kanna’s kishin doesn’t stack with other Kanna’s kishin, so if there are 2 kannas using kishin, it will be the same as having only one using it.
  • [Pending to test] You cant leech on players 35 lvls above you.
  • Whenever there’s a bish/phant HSing and a Beast tamer on cat mode, the biggest exp buff will be kept and the smaller will disappear.

 ms2logoThings That Making Training Easier                                                                    

  1. Being in a party, because it will probably be more fun.
  2. Simple maps (with only few big platforms)
  3. Talking or Chatting
  4. Huge mob spawn. (Kanna’s Kishin extra spawn skill or Frenzy Totem will help a lot)


Best Place to Train For All LVL in MapleStory

-ALWAYS DO THE REQUIRED QUESTS (at least before lvl 30).
10~20:maplestory training guide  Sleepy Grobblers. They are weak and spawn a lot. Phanteon’s maps are easy to walk around when you learn it. You can find them at East Phanteon plains.
20~30: purple mob Grumpy Grobblers. They aren’t much stronger than Sleepy ones and, like them, they spawn a lot on an simple map. They can be found at Grumpy Grobbler Habitat.
30~35: I usually keep killing Grumpy Grobblers, but you can do Fairy Academy if you want (not recommended).
35~45: Gold Beach. Grind till 48 killing black mob at Beachgrass Dunes 1. They spawn a lot and live in a simple map. Then, do the quest lines (get Tot’s pet if needed).
45~50: Go Phanteon and kill brown mob at Enchanted Forest or go to the… swamp (TOTALLY not recomended, its a complex map which takes lot of walking).
Or go kill Skeleton Soldier  in Perion.

50~60: Go kill drake (in sleepywood come on, everybody know drakes and where they live). Both are very good places to train.
60~70:  Do Tangyoon’s PQ (which you can do solo) or train at “Commander Skeleton” in Perion.
70~110:romeo(RnJ)/ Nett’s Pyramid.

Starting at level 70, you will need to party with someone who is around your level (75 – 80) otherwise you will not be able to get exp points from your party members. (Less populated server such as Khaini / Broa is really hard to form a party of 4 during none peak time so you might have to reconsider and choose another location to train at. However, if you play in Scania or Reboot, they are really crowded making it easier to find a party)
110~140: romeo (Romeo & Juliet PQ)

-140~165: Go train at Slimy, Selkie Jr. at Mysterious Path 3 map.

-140~210: You can join the Dimension Invasion Party Quest, there’s a limit of 5 times a day max. DiPQ can give you up to 4% exp for each solo run at level 205.

-160~180: Train at Temple of Time: Road to Oblivion 4 | Monsters: Oblivion Guardian, Chief Oblivion Guardian
165~250: Henesys Ruins: Second Drill Hall (SDH) red.

-200~215: RepairoidSalvoroid Red, Modded Deliverbot | Map: Scrapyard Skyline 1 & 2

-215~250: Train at: Scrapyard Maze 1 & 2 | MonstersInner Guard EX, Scrap Xenoroid EX

-200~240: Once you’ve done your 5th job advancement, head to Arcane River and start your training there.

-240~250: Continue to train at Lachelein map until you finally reach level 250.

Yeah, its done! If you have any suggestions, questions or complaints (hope you don’t have complaints ) feel free to put down here.

Thanks to: Larkla

More Maplestory Tutorials can be found at: MapleStory Tutorial Forum

Also, check out KraDeNine’s MapleStory level up video guide to learn more:



MapleStory Alternative Training Locations:

Level Map  Monster  Description
30 – 34 Ellinel Fairy Academy Theme Dungeon: Grendel’s student Cootie has being accused of kidnapping fairies and is imprisoned! Find the fairies in Ellinel and prove his innocence!
35 – 42 Gold Beach Theme Dungeon: An exclusive invitation to get a sneak peek at Gold Richie’s newest resort before it opens to the public! Check out Gold Beach today!
43 – 45 Kerning City Subway Stirge
45 – 49 Swamp Region Jr. Necki Located in Kerning City
50 – 55 Riena Strait Theme Dungeon: Something strange is happening in Riena Strait. There are animals in need, so go rescue them!
60 – 69 Mushroom Castle  Theme Dungeon
75 – 95 Nihal Desert: Sunset Road Sand Rat, Scorpion
70 – 140 RJ Party Quest Need an exact party of 4 members and its best to go here during 2x event because that’s the easiest time to find a party.
100 – 140 Monster Park Extreme You can solo this, but being in a party will help you gain even more exp points.
130 – 144 Dragon Forest Blue Dragon Turtle Located in Leafre.
142 – 144 The Forest That Disappeared This is a hidden Map located in Leafre.
145 – 150 Shaolin Temple Theme Dungeon: The seal in the Sutra Depository has broken, and demons are terrorizing the temple! Answer Elder Jung’s summons and head to Shaolin Temple.
150 – 163 Stone Colossus This is a Party Quest in Leafre. A colossal giant has appeared in Minar Forest. Found out what Guwaru’s story is.
160 – 170 Temple of Time: Burning Past, Detour to Oblivion Oblivion Monk
170 – 181 Knight Stronghold
182 – 191 Forest of Pain Frozen Solitude Located in Kritias Town.
192 – 201 KritiasForest of Laments Burning Solitude
202 – 210 KritiasForest of Sorrows Permeating Solitude
200 – 250 Haven: Scrapyard Haven is a town of Androids who seek to solve the mysteries of emotions. Rescue them from the threat of the fallen Black Heaven.
200 – 210 Vanishing Journey: Weathered Land of Rage  You will need atleast 30 Arcane Force to do full damage on the monsters in this map. Note: To increase your Arcane Force, you have to collect Arcane Symbols by doing Vanishing Journey Daily quests or collect them from monster’s drops. Once you’ve reached level 210, you can start doing Chu Chu Island PQ to obtain Symbols faster.
210 – 215 Vanishing Journey: Spirit Zone  Required around 40 Arcane Force.
215 – 220 Vanishing Journey: Arma’s Hideout  Minimum Requirement: 60 Arcane Force
210 – 225 Chu Chu Island: Torrent Zone 2 Required atleast 100 Arcane Force to do full damage in this map. Also starting at level 210, you should complete your Chu Chu quest lines to do the Muto Party Quest.
220 – 250  Once you have reached level 220, you will be able to enter this new map with all your Arcane Quest lines done.


Bossing Training Tips

Certain bosses have points to take out first, or else you’ll be dealing with trouble in the long run.  To start things off I’m going to apologize ahead of time by saying i will not be listing Zakum on this list of bosses. He’s been changed recently, his hp has gone up, and his EXP has gone down, and he no longer offers enough exp for the amount of hp he currently has.


horntail maplestory

Next on my list of things will be HT (Horntail) 
You will go into a room and walk to the edge of a cliff, where a giant head will come out, and most likely either weapons, or magic block right away. All the while sending wyverns out at you. Black ones remove buff, blue removes mana, and red hp. After you manage to defeat that head, You will go into a second room, which is a mirror image of the first. Then the final chamber is where you fight Horntail. 

At 125 You will be able to go HornTail with a group of other maplers He is level 150. There is a crystal on the right side of the room. Hit it with a normal attack 5 times to unleash horntail.  Which doesn’t seem like much, but his wings heal him, and his left arm skill locks you while his tail and right arm both seduce you. Be warned its unwise to attempt solo unless you have the power, defense, and pots for it. Stick with a patient group.

At 135 Chaos horntail will open up, Chaos Horntail is much like horntail with minor differences. In the first two chambers, the heads can seduce. When you get into the final room. you need to remember that this is Chaos horntail, and have lots of all cures. Chaos horntail seduces more, blinds, 1/1’s and as time drags on it just gets worse. Take out the the left arm and wings as fast as possible. then worry about the tail. make sure to always keep an eye on your health. I’d recommend being at least 150 coming in, and having at least 60-70k range depending on your class or who you have coming with you. 


maplestory bodyguard a b grandpa boss

Next is BG’s. ( Body Guards A and B)

They’re a not so well known pair of mini bosses in Showa’s Town they’re level 145,

Fight them solo at 140, and they give really good exp. You need a comb to enter the room to fight them ( dropped by another mini boss name Anego from Zipangu: Parlor map). The first boss stuns alot. And the second drains your mp by 5000 every 7 seconds. 

After they die, the main boss summons. He gives horrible Experience, and if you don’t want to bother with him, run to the left, talk to the old man and leave. Most people often do DiPQ at this point, which is fine and works perfect for a few levels a day. but often grows tiresome. especially for those who prefer bossing. 


maplestory 2 pink bean

At 160 PB is available if you and your party has it unlocked.
This is another one that you need lots of all cures for. It loves to seduce, blind, skill lock, 1/1.. And my personal favorite, Damage reflect. 

You have 30 minutes to do it, and PB is not a push over, despite how cute he looks.

Talk to the guy in the center and immediately return to the left of the map, as soon as the the statue lights up begin attacking it. After what will feel like at least 3 to for minutes, when its barely been one, the statue will go dark, but wait a moment, it will light back up. keep attacking till it goes dark again. Then climb up the chains and jump to the other wall. Start attacking that statue till it goes dark, and return to the first one. Then go back and forth. Once the birds light up, stay on the first side and take the statues out one by one. till they’re all dark, then return to the first one. when they all crumble. Climb to the top and take out the female statue. This is where Pink Bean truly begins. 

I can’t stress enough how important it is to hit hard and fast for the first few seconds, because DR is gonna hit. Watch for the signs. And the clock. every 30 seconds or so DR will hit. Just watch for it, when it fades start hitting again. 


maplestory training guide

Now that Madman Ranmaru is broken, its basically a waiting game with him at 180.

If you’ve got even the slightest bit of power, you can solo him. A party can take him down easily, or should be able too. It just takes patience. My pally has no power at all because of a rebuild from a hack, and it soloed in 48 minutes. I’m sure you guys have it handled. ( Yes i’m aware that’s entirely too long, I wanted to see if i could do it.) Madman offers decent experience. on the trade that it can only be done once a day. It can be located in Dead Mines Three of Elnath, as if you were walking to Zak.

Remember To do your RA as soon as you Can, so you can CRA and get your parts for your gear. Personally Fafnir gear is the way to go when it comes to endgame equip. but that’s just me

As time progresses I will post more. Much love.

Check out more training tips: MapleStory Bossing Guide
This is a basic and simple Training Level Up guide for the new MapleStory Reboot Server. If you have never heard about this new server, it’s was recently released for GMS in 2015 and is one of the most unique server up to dates. What makes it so much different from other Maplestory’s server is that it doesn’t allow you to trade with anyone and there is no Store Permit or Mushroom’s Shop for sale in the Cash Shop. You have to earn everything by yourself. This is a huge challenge and the reason why Nexon did such adjustment for this particular server is simply because they want to make this a game a more friendly fair places to train at. You will not see any hackers in this place due to there is no Mesos Selling make possible which is a very good thing for Legit players to train at. I hope you enjoy the game and please leave comments!

reboot server training guide maplestory

 ms2logoMapleStory Reboot Level Up Training Guide                                 

Level Map  Monster  Description
Level 1 to 10 NPC in Towns You can start out by doing all the quests by clicking on those Light Bulbs.
Level 10 – 30 Henesys Mixed Golems Go to Henesys and kill Mixed Golems
Level 30 – 35 Ellinel Fairy Academy EFA is a Theme Dungeon where you can train at from lvl 30 to 35.
Level 35 – 50 Gold Beach Random Monsters Once you reached level 35, you will get an invitation to teleport directly to Gold Beach to train, accept it and have fun.
Level 50 – 55 Reina Strait Reina Strait is a Theme Dungeon
Level 55 – 75 Skeledogs Go to Perion and train at Skeledogs
Level 60 – 70 Use the regular Taxi in any town to go here. This map is located on the far right portal of Sleepywood. Best exp when training with a party of 3 or more while each person take a row and kill.
Level 70 – 140 R&J Party Quest
You can do Romeo And Juliet Party Quests from the Deminsonal Mirror. Choose Party Quest Entry to enter.
Level 80 – 100
Level 100 – 120 Leafre Harp, Kentarus, Rash
Level 100 – 140 MPE
MapleStory Monster Park Extreme can be access in any town with the Monster Park Shuttle truck appearance.
Level 120 – 160 Korean Folk Towns
Level 140 – 180 Temple of Time Start your quests from the NPC and continue to train to move up the roads map.
Level 160 – 180 Gate of Future Start your quests and start training at Snails and then go to Mushrooms and finally Mutant Pigs
Level 180 – 200 Henesys Ruins: Hall of Honor
Level 140 – 250 DIPQ Once you’ve reached level 140, Dimensional Invasion PQ will be unlock for you from the quest list. Complete the prequest from the light bulb to go there and join the PQ to level up much faster.
Level 200 – 250 Haven: Scrapyard This is the best place to train starting from level 200 with full of monsters spawning rate around the area. You can also fight Lotus here as well.
Level 200 – 250 Arcane River 200 – 210: Vanishing Journey

210 – 220: Chu Chu Island

220 – 250: Lachelein: Dreaming City



You can most likely train at such maps like Mysterious Path 3 and Temple of Time from Level 150 to 170 if you prefer normal grinding instead of doing PQ’s. Hall of Honor is also a good choice from level 170 to 190.


Training Video Guide by SmartBored:




More Maplestory Training Guide:



  1. Doing the quest line in crimsonheart castle will get you acces to the chamber with the bats and these bats will give you more EXP/sec than in mp3 till level 150 Once you are 150 go to mp3 (thats what i’ve done) and aswell dailing bossing

  2. Level 10-30 Golems Level 30-60 gold beach Level 60 – 80 Kappa Drakes Level 80 to 120 Pq Romeo and juliet level 120 to 150 I dunno bosses? Or go to shanghai level 150 to 200 I dunno level 200-250 go train yo ass to the futur henesys at the armory
    Khaini INotAsian

  3. I mostly get my exp from horny mushrooms and horny tails at level 20 – 30 and then I go to drakes at level 60. They give really good exp. I am now at level 125. Thanks for free money

    Broa- ClutchMaster

  4. Alternately, If any of you have any questions, need help, or have suggestions, Feel free to reach me ( if you’re on Khaini/Broa) at ShadeSigil via whisper

  5. 130~165 at the KFT, best spawn at channels 5 and 12, you lvl up so fast, especially at a 2x event.

    Scania – iStrozzie

  6. Doing hilla and normal zakum gives a ton of exp at lvl 140 which is easy fast exp, during 2x gives even more, and good items you can sell for money.


    • lol, Everytime there’s a 2x drop event, I log on to all of my characters that can do normal zakum which is around 10 of them and kill zakum like 10 times. Sometimes I get up to 5 cubes from all run per event.

  7. Doing the prequests that Start at level 160 for Kritias, and Do Invasion at 180+ its easy experience. its only 30 minutes long which is a drag, and whats worse is it only happens every two hours, which I just missed actually. But It truly is worth the prequest line. Once again, This is your Friendly Shade, Much Love. ^_~

    • I really need to finish my prequest for Dimension Invasion PQ but i’m too lazy. I wish they make a Hard Mode for Romeo & Juliet PQ so that higher level like 200+ can benefits from lol, that’s my favorite party quest of all time!

      • Invasion is worth it. I was dreading it the whole time i was doing it, but totally worth it. Today, ( using a x2 card during the x2 event.) At 206 i went from 60% to 21% 207 in the 4 hour span. that’s with the 2 invasions, and PB, cht x2, and Madman. Invasion is worth it. If i would have taken less breaks i would have gotten more I’m sure.

  8. for lvl 35 and lvl 50 is good golden beach, with the quest of map left, give you good exp, and kill the boss (then give you a good medal for that lvl, earring and 1m mesos)

    Khaini- JeagerDola

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