Maplestory 2

Rune Blader Skill Build

Rune Blader is among one of the latest job from Maplestory 2 that was recently introduced to us by Nexon of Korea. It got speed, it got power, and best of all, [...]

Housing System

The great new thing in Maplestory 2 is that you can actually buy your own house and decorate it yourself. Like in the real world, everything come with a price [...]

Maplestory 2 US Release Date

maplestory 2 release date
What is the future of Maplestory 2? When will Nexon gonna announced the release date for the long awaited Maplestory 2 US version is what everyone wants to [...]

MapleStory 2 (MS2) Classes

There are a total of 8 main classes or jobs in MapleStory 2. I will list all eight of them here in details so you can learn more about them and able to choose [...]

Fan Art

This is the official page to post your Fan Art for Maplestory 2. You must upload only the image that you draw by yourself and please give credits to all the [...]

MapleStory 2 Kerning PQ Guide

maplestory 2 kerning pq
The Kerning PQ Party Quests (KPQ) in MapleStory 2 consist a total of 3 stages to be completed by you and your team members. Each stage once cleared will give [...]

MapleStory 2 Leveling Guide for Level Up in MS2

The easiest way to level up quickly in MapleStory 2 is to do all of the quests that are available for your character. Most quests are extremely fast to [...]

Maplestory 1 & 2 Throwing Stars

maplestory throwing stars
You can look at the list below to choose the best Maplestory 1 or 2 throwing stars that fit your character level and budget. I would advice to go with Tobi and [...]


Today we will be talking all about MS2 and where the name is coming from. I hope you did not by chance mistake this word with Microsoft or Ms. and visit here [...]

Maplestory 2 Download

maplestory 2 download
You can download Maplestory 2 at Maplestory 2 Download from Nexon web server. Anyways, please notice that this is the Korean MS2 version. If you are really [...]