Illium – New Mage Job

Illium maplestory


Illium is Maplestory upcoming newest addition job to the already massive collection of characters that are available to choose from. If you are a fan of Evan, BattleMage and other Magician type of classes, then Illium is the best choice for you to explore in the future. It has an amazing set of powerful skills that has not been seen before in any other previous mage job. You can expect nothing less from Nexon this time. Illium belong to a totally different category and has its own town map to start from. It also come with 5 different new medals along with a ton of weapons and equipment to help you with leveling up faster. To celebrate the new job appearance, Nexon is planning to be running 2X exp events all week long so look forward to stay home and play Maplestory all day.


Check out the video gameplay for Illium:


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