Maplestory 2 US Release Date

What is the future of Maplestory 2? When will Nexon gonna announced the release date for the long awaited Maplestory 2 US version is what everyone wants to know right now.  Nexon release Maplestory 2 for Korea in July 7th of 2015 which has already been 1 year now. Usually the time gap between Korea and United States release date is around 6 months to 1 year. After carefully looking back at all those previous release date, we can conclude that Nexon will probably launch Maplestory 2 for US sometime in 2018 and somewhere in the month of July.



maplestory 2 release date

Nexon and NSquare team up to make this massive online multiplayer rpg games to happen. Maplestory has always been a Free to play game however to customize your characters in the game such as hair design, clothing, shoes, hat and all of those good stuffs you will need to buy what they called as NX Credit also known as Karma Coins to pay for the item in game. Maplestory has a special store called the Cash Shop where you can access at almost any time and places to purchase the item’s enhancements to boost your gameplay ability.
maplestory 2 release date

As always, MS2 is not a game that can be install and play on a MAC computer.  Below you can see what it takes to run Maplestory 2 on a Windows Platform system.



 ms2logoMaplestory 2 Recommended System Requirements                                                     

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Processors: Intel i5 CPU, 4GB Memory RAM, 8GB Hard Drive
  • Graphic Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 or ATI Radeon HD6770


By the time that Maplestory 2 get released in the U.S, we should see that the standard Spec for a budget computer should be more than enough to run MS2. I would advice that you purchase a Desktop computer more than a Laptop computer because in my past experience with playing Maplestory on a Desktop vs Laptop pc, i found out that Laptop tends to collect heat and dust way faster than a desktop and with games like Maplestory, when your system starting to use more than 80% of its CPU power, the system will sometimes shutdown by itself because of over heating issue.
 ms2logoMaplestory 2 Classes & Jobs                                                                                              

For now, check out the upcoming Maplestory 2 Classes that will get to be debut first in this new 3D game.

Also, you can look at some of the new Maplestory 2 Monsters & Bosses.



  1. All other release date speculations have turned out to be wrong, It’s already February and 2018, if this post is right it should come out any day now which I hope cause I’ve been waiting to play this for almost 3 years now and it’s killing me

  2. I really hope this comes out july 2017 it looks so painfully adorable and I really wanna play it it look so fun and probably will be one of the best games I have ever played

  3. Tbh honest i want to play this MMORPG cuz it seems interessting, but i dont know if its going to be that good, i disliked MS1 but imm actually hype for MS2

    im just waithing for MS2 to disappoint me :<
    ima kms if it does 2 much waithing and for nothing Q-Q

  4. I’m pretty excited. If it doesn’t come when predicted, however, will this site’s information be altered to fit? Maybe a different possible time?

  5. I Love Maplestory and I hope it will come out soon. So many new things that I’m expecting MS2 to have and also what map and city will be transferring from the old MS to the new one.

    • I’m pretty sure almost everything that existed in the old MS will be recreated into 3D design for the MapleStory 2’s game but the game difficulty level is much harder than before.

  6. OMG! I can’t wait until the official release date of Maplestory 2! I bet it would be one of the most awesome day ever since everyone will be crowded up in the beta test server and busy reunited with their old buddies. I just hope the game client files doesn’t take too long to be download and not too many glitches.

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