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I will show you guys the easiest and fastest way on how to get MapleStory Mesos! If you have already searched around, you should’ve already known that there are quite a few MapleStory websites out there that are selling mesos for around $5 to $8 dollars for 1 billion mesos. However, when it comes to buying mesos from websites on the internet, I would recommended you to be extra careful because recently, I have bought some mesos online and then like 2 months later, my account was locked and I couldn’t login anymore. Online Maplestory’s mesos website are dangerous because you never know how or where they obtain those money from. It could be from a hacker or from someone who know how to generate duplicated mesos and if Nexon by any chance is scanning your accounts during their weekly server check maintenance and found out that your account has duplicated mesos, they will automatically remove and empty your inventory or just permanently banned you for life. It all depends on how much of those generated mesos you’ve stored on your account. The best practice that I can give you is to buy from someone who you trusted and to never store the mesos that you bought on any of your main account. Always use a mule for storage.

You can also visit the maplestory mesos giveaway forum to obtain some easy cash.

I have bought online mesos from over the past few years and never had a problem.

maplestory mesos

How to Lower your Meso’s taxes in Maplestory:

If you do not have a Store in Maplestory, when you right click a player name and do a direct trade with them, the Tax rate are usually higher than the normal rate in Shops. So here are the way to lower it.

For Example, When you sending or giving 100Mill Mesos, input this as your mesos exchange value: 99,999,999
By doing it in this formula, you keep 1 meso digit below the 100 Million Mark. So instead of getting charge a 6% Tax Fee, you only get charged for 5% Tax Fee.

Basicly, the less tax fee mesos numbers are as follow below:

999,999 = 1Mill
4,999,999 = 5Mill
24,999,999 = 25Mill
99,999,999 = 100Mill

Anything over 100 Million in a direct trade will be charge as 6% Tax rate or 3% if you have a Store, so that means you do not have to do the 999,999 magic number thingy.

*Notice this also applied to Mushroom Stores aswell…


How to Become a Merchant in Maplestory to Make Good Mesos:

Becoming a Maple’s Merchant isn’t something that required long term training. Ever since I’ve started playing Maple, merchanting is a daily thing for me. I used to stop training for like nearly 2 months just to spend my time in the Free Market researching item’s prices to see which one has the most potential of getting inflating in the following updates and that is what merchant is all about. Read the following steps I listed below and maybe you understand how merchant works in the Maplestory Free Market!

  • Surf around the Free Market and see which items people buying the most and remembered the price that it was sold for.
  • Make a list of items that was sold and write down their prices.
  • Finally, continue to surf FM again the next following days to see if the same item that was sold during that previous weeks get relisted at a cheaper price than it was sold for on average.
  • Buy that item and relist it in your shop at the price that you saw it was sold for or even higher if you feel like its worth more than that.
  • Keep the item that prices for around 2-3 days or until it get sold.

If you can not sell that item within 2 weeks or so, you should go ahead and try to get rid of it by lowering the prices back to how much first bought it for.


For your protection on pricing, ask yourself this question before buying any item for reselling. “At what price can I sell it immediately if I could not sell it at a higher price?” With this in mind, you will know exactly how much money you are risking to lose if you can not sell it at a higher price than it was originally purchased at. If you are lucky, before that item deflate to a point of no profit, you can resell it at the same price when you first bought it.

Sometimes, the items in FM deflate and increasing rapidly due to a lot of things like certain event or new items coming out. So most of the time to prevent your item from reaching too low to the point where you will lose more than 50% of the mesos that you put it to buy it, you should try to sell it out as soon as possible so you won’t lose too much of your profit.



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