What is Maplestory Private Server

Maplestory Private Server are none official Nexon servers. They are special servers hosted by random fan but they act the same way like a regular game server. The only difference between the official Nexon server and private servers is that private servers allow you to do anything you wants. Meaning there is actually no strict rule bounding by a Game Master and you hardly will get ban. However, even though there are no special rule to play in such server, they don’t have as much players compared to the real official server hosted by Nexon. Many people just registered an account and play for a few days or weeks and then just stop. The reason why is maybe because many private server are outdated and don’t have updated new contents like a real server. Its fun only if you want to hang out and mess around a little bit but its no fun to really focus into it.

maplestory private servers

If you guys do like to test out those Maplestory’s Private Server, you can always do a google search for “Top 100 MapleStory Private Servers” and you will see a host of lists for them. Just keep in mind one that and be careful not to use your original account username and password that you used on the Nexon server. There is a high chance that hackers are everywhere in those kind of servers.

There are no Maplestory 2 Private Server at the moment because it hasn’t even been released yet and the Korean version is too new for any of those activities to happen. Maybe someone will spend some time to work on it in the future.

A big Warning to everyone out there when it comes to Maplestory Private Server, they are not official Nexon server so therefore, it is illegal to host or run it. I would advise you guys not to even play it. In one of the very recently news information about Private Server, Nexon was awarded up to $3.6 Million dollars in lawsuit against UMaple server. The owner of UMaple did not even bother to show up in court so the Judges gave Nexon a default win. Since UMaple has an amout of about 17,000 players, they considered each player cost of damage fee at $200. I have never step into the Private Server realm before so i do not have much experience about it but there are some preview video on YouTube that you can go over to know how it looks like.






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