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There are tons and dozen of good training spots and locations in MapleStory 2 so I will try to list all of them here today for you. I would recommend you to do all quests available for your current level so that you could benefits from all the bonus exp points from them because those quests will level you up much faster than solo training alone. If you can, its best to team up with a strong party member to speed up your training quest.

Go here for MapleStory 1 Leveling Guide

Here are the best location to train at for each particular level you at.

You can start out by doing all of the beginner’s quest start from level 1 to 10.


 ms2logoMaplestory 2 Best Training Spots Guide                                                                                                      

Level Map  Monster  Description
 10 – 12 White Boulder Mountain A very good place to train from level 10 to 12.
 10 – 16 Beach Way Mini Troll, Red Troll, Blue Troll You can start training here when you’ve reached level 10 and continue until level 16. Best place would be the top right road on the map.
 13 – 16 Cold Heart Wolf, Iron Pig
 16 – 20 Five Colored Tree Forest
Sheep, Duck
Go here at lvl 16 and stay until you’ve reached to lvl 20.
 20 – 25 Shadow Gate Revenant Zombie, Flying Demon This place is for level 20 to 25.
 24 – 26 Ellin Forest
 25 – 30 Prism Falls Chickens, Cows Start grinding here once you are at level 25 and stay until level 30.
 29 – 30 Pillar Quarry Rock Stump, Stone Golem
 30 – 32 Sweet Valley Purple Chickens, Mushrooms From Level 30 to 32
 32 – 35 Rough Sand Hill
CactusStump, Green Bee
From Level 32 to 35
 35 – 36 Melted Garden Black Chicken, Wheel Bunny, Green Bee From Level 35 to 36
 36 – 40 Small Rock Cliff Skeleton Pirate, Scorpions, Octopus, Skeleton Bazooka From Level 36 to 40
 40 – 50



Please leave comments if you have any better training spots in MapleStory 2!



  1. Nice guide, I’ve been training a lot at 5 colored forest and Sweet Valley but there is no one around to party with. My ign is WolfArmy. Hit me up if you wanna grind with me sometimes in MS2.

    • What level is your character at right now? My in game name is 2Cool2Go but I’m usually only online during the week days. We can probably train together or do party quests if you have time.

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