Pocket Maplestory

Pocket MapleStory will be the next best game installment to the whole MapleStory series. Nexon finally made one of the right decision by devleoping a game that can be play and share with other players using their smartphone such as the Android and iPhone devices. You can download the MapleStory Pocket version for android at: Pocket MapleStory


This is by far one of the most funniest maple game I have got a hold of on the mobile device. Even though it is for smartphone, you can also download and install it on your Tablet as well for a bigger screen experiences. There are multiple Pocket Maplestory modification apk file out there which will alternate the game behavior and allow you to do extra thing in the game.

Like Nexon said, “Pocket Maplestory is like a world of MS that fit into the size of your pocket”. There are a total of 1,500 different quests in the mobile version as of the current updates. What you can do in the PC version you can also enjoy it in here. I was able to chat and use Super Megaphone very easily. The game controllers are a little bit off but you will used to it after a few tries. So far, you can play as Kaiser, Mercedes, Dual Blade, and Angelic Buster.

Please note that Pocket Maplestory uses a different account than the full MS version. You can use Google+ and Facebook to sign into the game as well. At the moment, there are 3 servers with tons of channels to choose from. I experienced no lag from the game even though its best to use your Wi-Fi to download the game file updates when you have the opportunity to do it.

The Pocket MS’s gameplay is very similar to those on the PC version. Every maps layout and monsters including characters designed are the same however, your walking and jumping movement might not be as smooth as it seems compared to the Computer version.

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