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This is a basic and simple Training Level Up guide for the new MapleStory Reboot Server. If you have never heard about this new server, it’s was recently released for GMS in 2015 and is one of the most unique server up to dates. What makes it so much different from other Maplestory’s server is that it doesn’t allow you to trade with anyone and there is no Store Permit or Mushroom’s Shop for sale in the Cash Shop. You have to earn everything by yourself. This is a huge challenge and the reason why Nexon did such adjustment for this particular server is simply because they want to make this a game a more friendly fair places to train at. You will not see any hackers in this place due to there is no Mesos Selling make possible which is a very good thing for Legit players to train at. I hope you enjoy the game and please leave comments!

reboot server training guide maplestory

 ms2logoMapleStory Reboot Level Up Training Guide                                 

Level Map  Monster  Description
Level 1 to 10 NPC in Towns You can start out by doing all the quests by clicking on those Light Bulbs.
Level 10 – 30 Henesys Mixed Golems Go to Henesys and kill Mixed Golems
Level 30 – 35 Ellinel Fairy Academy EFA is a Theme Dungeon where you can train at from lvl 30 to 35.
Level 35 – 50 Gold Beach Random Monsters Once you reached level 35, you will get an invitation to teleport directly to Gold Beach to train, accept it and have fun.
Level 50 – 55 Reina Strait Reina Strait is a Theme Dungeon
Level 55 – 75 Skeledogs Go to Perion and train at Skeledogs
Level 60 – 70 Use the regular Taxi in any town to go here. This map is located on the far right portal of Sleepywood. Best exp when training with a party of 3 or more while each person take a row and kill.
Level 70 – 140 R&J Party Quest
You can do Romeo And Juliet Party Quests from the Deminsonal Mirror. Choose Party Quest Entry to enter.
Level 80 – 100
Level 100 – 120 Leafre Harp, Kentarus, Rash
Level 100 – 140 MPE
MapleStory Monster Park Extreme can be access in any town with the Monster Park Shuttle truck appearance.
Level 120 – 160 Korean Folk Towns
Level 140 – 180 Temple of Time Start your quests from the NPC and continue to train to move up the roads map.
Level 160 – 180 Gate of Future Start your quests and start training at Snails and then go to Mushrooms and finally Mutant Pigs
Level 180 – 200 Henesys Ruins: Hall of Honor
Level 140 – 250 DIPQ Once you’ve reached level 140, Dimensional Invasion PQ will be unlock for you from the quest list. Complete the prequest from the light bulb to go there and join the PQ to level up much faster.
Level 200 – 250 Haven: Scrapyard This is the best place to train starting from level 200 with full of monsters spawning rate around the area. You can also fight Lotus here as well.
Level 200 – 250 Arcane River 200 – 210: Vanishing Journey

210 – 220: Chu Chu Island

220 – 250: Lachelein: Dreaming City



You can most likely train at such maps like Mysterious Path 3 and Temple of Time from Level 150 to 170 if you prefer normal grinding instead of doing PQ’s. Hall of Honor is also a good choice from level 170 to 190.


Here is a very good reboot training video guide by Lion:

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