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 ms2logoMapleStory 2 Release Date for Korea, North America, & China     

Nexon launch an early released date for Korean MapleStory 2 in July 7th of 2015 while China is expected to be the next region to get a hold of MS2. North America U.S date has not yet been confirm however, it could be sometimes late of July 2017. Like usual, Nexon always release new update contents for Korean MS2 first before any other country mainly because this game was developed and made in Korea. Before they can convert the original Korean MS2 version to any other country, they must pass through the language translation process first which is why it always take so long to get release in other country’s region.

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 ms2logoMaplestory 2 Classes                                                                                

At the current moment, There is only 4 main base Maplestory 2 classes as follow below:

classes maplestory 2

  • Rouge will upgrade to Thief or Assassin after 1st Job Advancement.
  • Magician will become Priest or Wizard.
  • Warrior will advances to Knight or Berserker
  • Archer become Heavy Gunner or Ranger after Job upgrade.


Each Job has their own special skills and ability so choose the class that you like to play carefully. Even though Rouge are known mainly for their super speed skills while Magician is a party beast which everyone will need when creating a training party, Warrior is good for monsters mobbing and Archer is for far range attacking.


 ms2logoMaplestory 2 Bosses                                                                                

maplestory2 bosses


 ms2logoMaplestory 2 Trailers                                                                              




 ms2logoMaplestory 2 Gameplay Videos                                                               




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 ms2logoMaplestory 2 Update News                                                                       

Gratz Nep on Level 200!

gratz nep



    • Beast Tamer is pretty awesome because everytime you leveled, you will get a free items from their quest however, Nexon always locked this job and prevent players from making it.

  1. Does anyone know if we could use the NX from our MS1 account for Maplestory 2? And how is the new trading system in MS2, is there a similar Free Market like the old version?

    • I have played game such as Combat Arms and Mabinogi from Nexon before using the same account that I used for playing Maplestory 1 and it seems like the NX that i have in MS is also link to other games that hosted by Nexon. However, there’s no confirmation yet about if MS2’s NX account will also be shared with other Nexon games as well.

      As for FM in MapleStory 2, there is a place near Kerning City called “Black Market” where you can sell and buy stuffs and the user interface design is very similar to that of MTS in the past, Here is a screenshot of the Black Market from MS2:


  2. I was at Nep party too when he reach level 200. It’s a big moment for him lol. I guess about time for us to move on to Maplestory 2 now since everyone is beginning to reach max level in MS1!

    • Assassin are known to be the best Grinder and best for bossing too since its a far range attacker with great speeds in MapleStory 2 while Priests might be the worst for grinding since they are only good for team support but if you are looking for a party to join, they are pretty awesome and very easy to get invited by other party members.

      Berserker are not bad either for grinding since they can easily 1 Hit KO a group of mobs.

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